There are several ways that you can make a contribution to the Billiken Athletics:

Annual Gift to the Billiken Club
The core of the Billiken Athletics is the annual giving program. Your annual investment helps ensure that we are able to provide academic and athletic support for our student-athletes. An annual gift is defined as a yearly donation of $125 or more.

An endowment is a donation to Billiken Athletics, which is invested and the interest generated from the principle is used to fund an athletic scholarship. An endowment allows the donor to distinguish particular areas of Saint Louis University Athletics. The gift will also represent a funding commitment that lasts into perpetuity. The minimum gift required to establish an endowment is $25,000.

Gifts in Kind
Contributions of product, merchandise, equipment, or services are often provided in support of the Athletic Department. These gifts may satisfy priority-seating requirements. Gift-in-kind donations must receive approval from the Billiken Club and are reviewed on a yearly basis.

Appreciated Assets
Giving appreciated assets is another option to support the Billiken Athletics. A gift of long-term appreciated securities or real estate provides two important tax advantages:

  1. The donor is entitled to a charitable income tax deduction based on the fair market value of the asset, providing they have owned the asset more than twelve months.

  2. The donor avoids any potential tax on the capital gains on the asset.

Planned Gift
A planned gift can offer you substantial tax and estate planning benefits and allows you to make a larger and more lasting gift to Saint Louis University Athletics. It is a way you can be a key supporter while leaving a lasting legacy. For more information about establishing a planned gift to benefit Billiken Athletics, contact Kent Levan, Executive Director of Planned Giving, at (314) 977-2357.

Ten Ways you can Help Billiken Athletics

  1. Buy season tickets (men's & women's basketball, and all other sports where season tickets are available).

  2. Join The Billiken Club and participate in our events & activities.

  3. Establish an athletic scholarship endowment and gift to it annually.

  4. Make a gift to the sport enhancement fund(s) of your choice.

  5. Participate in the annual Billiken Blitz fund drive.

  6. Name Billiken Athletics as the beneficiary of a future gift in your estate plan.

  7. Sponsor a Billiken event through our sports marketing department.

  8. Purchase Billiken blue/white apparel and wear it to athletic related events.

  9. Participate in Billiken special events such as the Billiken Golf Classic as a volunteer, attendee, and/or donor.

  10. Gift to capital project campaigns.

For more information on participating in The Billiken Club, contact us at (314) 977-8180 or via e-mail at

For more information on the Athletic Program, visit the The Billiken Club website.

Support Athletics now and fill out our online gift form or contact the Athletics Advancement Team: